Changing the world … one ‘Giving Impact’ at a time. [InfoGraphic]

As you may know, Naked Print are committed to supporting numerous charitable projects around the planet.

To date, we’ve managed to positively touch the lives of 273,760 people (and animals). With your help and loyal support, we’ve managed to provide access to life-saving water for over 700+ years!

This info graphic (shown below) shows geographically where our positive reach has expanded to around the planet.


Without your loyal support (and that of our other wonderful clients), this would not be possible. So thank you! Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Naked Print.

For more information on the specific charitable projects we support, please visit and Search ‘Naked Print’ in the top right search window.

Together … we are making a real ‘difference’ in the lives of others. Thank you!