Introducing SCODIX – Advanced Award Winning Printing Application now at NAKED Print

Award-winning Brisbane CBD printing firm, NAKED Print, can now offer clients SCODIX printing to take your print materials to a whole new level of sophistication and high-level impact.

Skodix Printing _ NAKED Print _ Brisbane

So what is SCODIX?

SCODIX was recently described as ‘Spot UV on steroids’. It’s one of the latest print technology advancements being adopted by a select few progressive commercial printers. SCODIX is a digital application which adds a layered clear polymer effect to your printing. It can be used on your business cards, presentation folders and even A2 posters.

SCODIX really has to be seen (and more importantly, felt) to truly grasp its significance and appreciate its beauty and impact.

These images will give you a glimpse into what a talented graphic designer (like the NAKED Print Graphic Design Team … subtle hint) can achieve incorporating SCODIX into your print arsenal.

Skodix Business Card Printing II _ NAKED Print _ Brisbane

The NAKED Print professional graphic design team are some of the best in the business. Our design team can work in with you to help you incorporate this latest SCODIX print technology into your print requirements.

If you’d like to view some actual samples of SCODIX business cards, please contact the NAKED Print team on our Client Care Hotline 1300 625 331.

Let’s be upfront about one thing … SCODIX business cards are not the cheapest business cards, but they certainly catapult you and your business to the front of the line when it comes to; impact, professionalism, creativity and being memorable.

After all, if you’re going to have a business card, make it an impressive business card that people remember! Otherwise, what’s the point if your business card blends in with all the hundreds of other business cards your prospective clients collect. Be BOLD! Stand out and most importantly … be MEMORABLE!

Many graphic designers (and even some printers) are not even aware of SCODIX yet, but it won’t take long before you start seeing it show up again and again on print materials. Get the edge on your competition now. Discover how SCODIX and take your business cards and commercial printing to a new level.

These print pieces were featured in the recent SCODIX Design Award 2014 (look at how ‘real’ these shoes and butterfly look) …

Skodix Business Card Printing III _ NAKED Print _ Brisbane   Skodix Business Card Printing IV _ NAKED Print _ Brisbane

What’s possible in YOUR business?

NAKED Print (Australia’s Most Awarded Printer for Customer Service) … bringing you the latest advancements in innovations in print technology.

If you have any questions about SCODIX or how you may be able to incorporate it with your next business cards, presentation folders or posters, please give the team at NAKED Print a call and it’ll be our pleasure to be of service and walk you through what is possible for your business marketing materials.