[Naked Print] just blows the others out of the water!

What an amazing man! Craig is so enthusiastic, motivating and dedicated into making his clients life easier.

Craig is so innovative and passionate about what he does and has a wonderful sense of humour and free spirit when it comes to doing what other printing agencies wont.

Craig is serious about outdoing the competition with his business ethics and achievements showing the world that he just blows the others out of the water!

I loved Craig’s marketing material and rapid response approach to guarantee a promise to his customers. At the end of the day he will put his body on the line for a customer and this is what makes Naked Print take home the Customer Service award two years in a row. It’s such a pleasure to know someone like Craig.

His generosity towards fellow mankind with profits from his business going towards Buy1Give1 is what makes Naked Print in touch with the community.

No doubt, Craig and Naked Print come Highly recommended!

IC Frith

Amy Morrison | Account Executive

IC Frith & Associates

South Brisbane