Quality Assured Guarantee

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure each and every print job you entrust to our care, is created with the utmost professionalism, attention to the finest detail and produced to the highest industry standards for you.

But human nature being what it is; despite our best intentions, eventually someone is going to accidentally ‘drop the ball’ somewhere and things may not go to plan. I was once told; the difference between a good company and a great company is …what they do when ‘things go wrong’. So on that note…

If ANY error ever occurs with your print job due to some failure or fault on our part (this includes ANY member of the Naked Print team)

  1. We will Re-Print your Job … for FREE!
  2. Also, we will Fast-Track your Print Job (to the best of our ability, without compromising your print quality, of course) ensuring you receive your printing as soon as humanly possible.
  3. And if you’re still not completely happy, we’ll even give you a $120.00 Gift Certificate for Naked Print Graphic Design (valid for up to 12 months)… with our compliments!

The ‘small print’:

There is no ‘small print’.

You’re our client and we truly value our ongoing relationship.

If we genuinely make a mistake with your print job, we will accept full responsibility and we’ll do whatever it takes to rectify it as quickly and easily as possible for you.

Because we continually operate and hold ourselves to such high standards, if we ever do make a mistake, chances are the Naked Print team member responsible will be more upset with themselves than you’ll ever be.

And they’ll personally accept full responsibility to ‘make things right’ for you.

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