Responsibility to Share our Good Fortune

Business is not just about the money. Sure, the money is important but it’s also about ‘the little things’ you do, that reach out and touch people’s lives!

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You see, at Naked Print, we believe; with success and abundance, comes a ‘social responsibility’ – a responsibility to share our success and good fortune with others who may be ‘less fortunate’.

And so we’ve embedded the act of ‘giving’ into the very core of our business.

We make ‘Giving’ Easy for You

And in direct alignment with our values, we make ‘giving’ so easy for you as well. In fact, you don’t have to do anything to be involved and help others. Simply choosing to use Naked Print for your printing needs, you’ll automatically ‘make a difference’ in the lives of others.

So How does this Work?

Through our corporate partnership with Buy1Give1 (renowned organisation whom specialise in transactional-based charity for business) we’ve linked our services with charitable projects around the planet.

With every printing job you order from us, we undertake to match a portion of those proceeds and channel those funds to support a range of charitable projects around the world, helping thousands of people in the process.

Impacting People’s Lives – Every Single Day

These charitable projects include providing; access to clean drinking water, life changing operations such as the gift of sight, needed medication and medical support, hygiene and sanitisation assistance, transportation to schools, irrigation systems for villages, healthy nutrition programs, solar lighting and education resources for children.

Thank you for Your Kind Support

Chances are, you will never meet the many people that you’re helping through your commercial alignment with Naked Print, but these people truly appreciate your kind generosity and caring support.

By working together… We are making a ‘real difference’ together


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