Symbolism of the Naked Print Logo

As a direct result of our strategic approach to doing things differently, we move our clients’ interests forward; hence the ‘forward arrow’ within the ‘K’.

Our logo’s boldness and colours represent a resolute confidence. We tenaciously represent our clients’ best interests at all times in the marketplace. We do not fear rejection nor are we timid in our approach.

The solid timeless font demonstrates our strength and fortitude, built upon a rock solid foundation of ethics and unquestionable integrity.

The clean sharp lines depict our precise attention to detail and utmost professionalism.

The primary focus of the logo is the ‘forward arrow’.

Our primary focus is always to; act in our client’s best interests, do things differently to other printers and as a result, make your printing experience as effortless, simple and easy as we can for you.

We pride ourselves on doing things ‘differently’ to most; hence the backward ‘K’.