your exceptional customer service and generosity to the community

I have to say I am presently surprised by the service NAKED Print provides.

I was really impressed with the level of service your company provided and to top it off our cards turned out fantastically well.

I was also impressed to find out how you give back to the community by providing clean water to people around the world.

So, from all of us at Living Loving Dying a big thank you for your exceptional customer service and generosity to the community.

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Australia’s Most Awarded Printer for Customer Service – 2015

Industry Awards and Recognition …

> WINNER: WOMO ‘Service Award 2016’​
> WINNER: WOMO ‘Service Award 2015’​
> WINNER: WOMO ‘Service Award 2014’​
> Named ‘COOLEST PRINT COMPANY in Australia’​
– Australian Anthill Magazine Cool Company Awards 2014
> TOP100 ‘COOLEST COMPANIES’ in Australia’​
– Australian Anthill Magazine Cool Company Awards 2015
> WINNER: 2015 Platinum Australian Customer Service Award
> Lifetime Partner: ‘Businesses for Good’​ (B1G1)
> B1G1 Certified Giver
> WINNER: Rotary International ‘Pride of Work Award’​ 2014
> Voted TOP10 Most Trusted Small Business In Australia – ‘The Australian Trust Awards 2015’​

Ian Lloyd | Partner

Living Loving Dying

Brisbane, QLD

the fastest and most professional service we could wish

NAKED PRINT provided us the fastest and most professional service we could wish for under a very tight deadline we had.

As a result, our business needs are met perfectly right on time, giving us the real peace of mind.

Masami Sato | CEO

B1G1 - Buy1GIVE1


NAKED Print WINS the 2015 ‘Platinum Australian Customer Service Award’

Brisbane CBD printing services firm, NAKED Print WINS the 2015 Platinum Australian Customer Service Award

This is the highest achievement level possible, benchmarked against international best practice customer service standards.

Very few printing companies ever get to achieve this rare customer service accolade. Especially within the printing industry.

Conducted completely independently, NAKED Print’s clients were surveyed and asked a number of in-depth customer service questions to determine their level of satisfaction with NAKED Print’s customer service standards. These confidential answers were then bench-marked against international customer service industry standards.

To achieve a Silver Australian Service Award, NAKED Print would require a score of over 80% satisfaction. Anything less than 80% meant a fail and no result. If the customer service score was above 80%, then the available Australian Customer Service Awards available in ascending order are; Silver Australian Customer Service Award, Gold Australian Customer Service Award and the pinnacle of the Customer Service Industry; the Platinum Australian Customer Service Award.

NAKED Print took out the HIGHEST Australian Customer Service Award possible, the 2015 Platinum Australian Customer Service Award.

Craig Wyld, Marketing Manager of NAKED Print, said “We couldn’t have achieved this prestigious service award without the loyal support of our great clients. We’re so lucky to have so many wonderful clients. What started off as a few, in now growing into a formidable army of raving fans. It’s so exciting for the NAKED Print team to be a part of a thriving socially responsible organisation that is turning the print industry upside down and making a profound difference in the lives of many many children.”

Craig is referring to NAKED Print’s corporate goal to “change the world and positively impact the lives of ONE MILLION CHILDREN“. At the time of this article being written, NAKED Print through their charitable donations and giving has improved the lives of over 921,000 kids. OMG – they’ve almost done it! NAKED Print donates to charitable worthy causes from each and every sale. This shows the power of small changes over time can truly make a profound difference. To see NAKED Print’s giving impact, please go HERE.

It’s not about NAKED Print. It’s about our clients and the many lives we’ve touching and improving. The 2015 Platinum Australian Customer Service Award is further testament and social proof that the printing industry (more specifically, clients of the printing industry) are ready for change. They’re welcoming this refreshing change of client-focused service and genuine care with open arms.

The Australian Customer Service Awards have been designed to recognise, encourage and reward small and medium-sized Australian businesses for their excellent treatment of, and positive attitude towards, their customers.

The objectives of the Awards are to:

> Recognise the service levels attained by small and medium-sized Australian companies from which service excellence can be measured.
> Encourage small and medium-sized Australian companies to raise their standard of customer service.
> Reward small and medium-sized Australian companies that provide exceptional customer service.

The Award measures Australian businesses against a range of world-recognised best practice customer service standards and industry service performance benchmarks.

So what does this mean to you, reading this …?

When you’re a client of Brisbane CBD printing firm, NAKED Print, you will always be looked after and cared for at the highest level possible, because now you’re part of the rapidly-growing NAKED Print community.

Brisbane CBD printing services firm, NAKED Print WINS the 2015 Platinum Australian Customer Service Award

Brisbane CBD printing services firm, NAKED Print WINS the 2015 Platinum Australian Customer Service Award

[Naked Print] just blows the others out of the water!

What an amazing man! Craig is so enthusiastic, motivating and dedicated into making his clients life easier.

Craig is so innovative and passionate about what he does and has a wonderful sense of humour and free spirit when it comes to doing what other printing agencies wont.

Craig is serious about outdoing the competition with his business ethics and achievements showing the world that he just blows the others out of the water!

I loved Craig’s marketing material and rapid response approach to guarantee a promise to his customers. At the end of the day he will put his body on the line for a customer and this is what makes Naked Print take home the Customer Service award two years in a row. It’s such a pleasure to know someone like Craig.

His generosity towards fellow mankind with profits from his business going towards Buy1Give1 is what makes Naked Print in touch with the community.

No doubt, Craig and Naked Print come Highly recommended!

IC Frith

Amy Morrison | Account Executive

IC Frith & Associates

South Brisbane

NAKED Print Honoured with Nomination for The Australian Trust Awards 2015

Since NAKED Print was launched, we’ve always gone to great lengths to treat our clients and suppliers with respect and look after them. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘What goes around, comes around.’

We’re very honoured to announce …

NAKED Print has just been nominated for The Australian Trust Awards 2015

According to their website, The Australian Trust Awards is a celebration of the most trusted, respected, and loved businesses in Australia – voted for by the public, these are the companies you know you can trust.

And we’d like to ask for your help …

If you have 2 minutes, could you please visit and vote for NAKED Print?

Once you’re on the page, it literally takes less than 20 seconds to vote for us.

We’ve been nominated for two categories;

  • Most Trusted Customer Service (These give the most consistent heartfelt service)
  • Most Trusted Small Business (For companies with under 250 employees)

If you’d like to support us with this honoured award, please go to the above link; choose a category and press ‘Vote now’. You can vote for us in BOTH categories – which we’d really appreciate. 🙂

Thank you in advance for your kind support. May we continue to give you, our clients and suppliers the level of award-winning service you deserve.

Craig & the Naked Print Team

‘Inspiring Entrepreneurs Event’ Showcasing Naked Print

The founder of Naked Print will be one of two inspiring speakers at the Inspiring Entrepreneurs Event in Brisbane on 21 January 2015.

Craig will share his amazing story of how he created a national award winning business which also makes a strong philanthropic impact around the world, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.

Naked Print was recently named the ‘Coolest Print Company in Australia’ 2014 at the Australian Anthill Magazine Cool Company Awards in Melbourne. Naked Print were judged as one of the TOP 5 Coolest Companies in Australia (Finalist Micro category). Top 5 out of over 800,000 small businesses operating in Australia is pretty cool.

Late last year, they were just recognised with the Rotary International ‘Pride of Work Award’ 2014 by the Rotary Club of Hamilton. And Naked Print also won the prestigious WOMO Service Award 2014, based on the quantity and calibre of positive reviews being posted online by clients about their customer service experience.

Seating is limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Naked Print was featured as a positive role model to the business community in the Global Impact Summit, held in November 2014, demonstrating how a company can incorporate being socially responsible in their everyday business operations. As Craig says “Business is not just about the money. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives.”

Craig will also share the cornerstone principles he discovered, to help you create an award winning business and become the ‘rebel’ market leader in your industry.

Event details …

Wednesday, 21st January
7pm – 9pm
Lord Stanley Hotel, 994 Stanley Street East
East Brisbane QLD 4169

For tickets, please visit …


Socially Responsible Naked Print Featured as Positive Example in Global Impact Summit

We were pleasantly surprised to discover Naked Print was briefly featured during the recent Global Impact Summit held in November 2014.

The Global Impact Summit is for business leaders who want to play at ‘a higher level’ and Naked Print was showcased as an example of a company that has incorporated the ‘act of giving’ and helping others into the very core of

our business.

So what is the Global Impact Summit?

The Global Impact Summit is an annual convergence of over 30 thought leaders and great business minds, delivered over 15 days online to business leaders around the world. Paul Dunn, host of the Global Impact Summit said “We believe that this unique Summit provides everyone the opportunity to connect through a sense of shared purpose: creating a positive impact in our world.”

Masami Sato, founder of the global giving initiative (B1G1) highlighted Brisbane Printing company, Naked Print as a case study of a business that incorporates the spirit of giving into our everyday operations.
Naked Print donates to worthy causes from every single transaction, large and small (even orders for Business Cards). At the time of the Global Impact Summit, Naked Print had positively impacted the lives of over HALF A MILLION CHILDREN globally. Craig, Marketing Manager of Naked Print says “Our goal is to improve the lives of one million people, both within Australia and overseas. We’re here to change the world and with the ongoing support of our clients, together we are making a real difference to the planet.”

You can view Naked Print’s direct giving impact HERE.

You can view Masami’s presentation on the Global Impact Summary HERE.

If you’re short on time, the section featuring Naked Print is approximately 33 minutes into Masami’s presentation.If you’d like to know more about B1G1 or how you can incorporate the ‘habit of giving’ into your business, please contact the Naked Print team and we’ll be delighted to help you … help others in need!


Naked Ambition for a Better World


you may know, GIVING to others less fortunate is one of the cornerstone values of Naked Print.

Well, our ‘giving efforts’ have been noticed and an article was recently published on the B1G1 website. To read more, please go to

Every time you purchase ‘anything’ from Naked Print, we donate a portion of those funds to help support others that may be less fortunate. To date (10th June 2014), we have helped over 315,000 people. Please support us so that together, we can achieve our goal our improving the lives of over 1,000,000 people globally.