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Masami Sato | CEO

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Socially Responsible Naked Print Featured as Positive Example in Global Impact Summit

We were pleasantly surprised to discover Naked Print was briefly featured during the recent Global Impact Summit held in November 2014.

The Global Impact Summit is for business leaders who want to play at ‘a higher level’ and Naked Print was showcased as an example of a company that has incorporated the ‘act of giving’ and helping others into the very core of

our business.

So what is the Global Impact Summit?

The Global Impact Summit is an annual convergence of over 30 thought leaders and great business minds, delivered over 15 days online to business leaders around the world. Paul Dunn, host of the Global Impact Summit said “We believe that this unique Summit provides everyone the opportunity to connect through a sense of shared purpose: creating a positive impact in our world.”

Masami Sato, founder of the global giving initiative (B1G1) highlighted Brisbane Printing company, Naked Print as a case study of a business that incorporates the spirit of giving into our everyday operations.
Naked Print donates to worthy causes from every single transaction, large and small (even orders for Business Cards). At the time of the Global Impact Summit, Naked Print had positively impacted the lives of over HALF A MILLION CHILDREN globally. Craig, Marketing Manager of Naked Print says “Our goal is to improve the lives of one million people, both within Australia and overseas. We’re here to change the world and with the ongoing support of our clients, together we are making a real difference to the planet.”

You can view Naked Print’s direct giving impact HERE.

You can view Masami’s presentation on the Global Impact Summary HERE.

If you’re short on time, the section featuring Naked Print is approximately 33 minutes into Masami’s presentation.If you’d like to know more about B1G1 or how you can incorporate the ‘habit of giving’ into your business, please contact the Naked Print team and we’ll be delighted to help you … help others in need!