NAKED Print Customer Service is AMAZING! We’re SUPER IMPRESSED!

We’re SUPER IMPRESSED with our NEW Velvet Business Cards!

They’re super good and we’re heaps happy! I attended a networking function on Friday night and people were rubbing our new business cards on their faces – the New Velvet Effect is so unique. You can feel the high quality.

I really appreciate the high standards of your quality control and the NAKED Print customer service is AMAZING!

We definitely recommend NAKED Print.

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Australia’s Most Awarded Printer for Customer Service – 2015

Industry Awards and Recognition …

> WINNER: WOMO ‘Service Award 2016’​
> WINNER: WOMO ‘Service Award 2015’​
> WINNER: WOMO ‘Service Award 2014’​
> Named ‘COOLEST PRINT COMPANY in Australia’​
– Australian Anthill Magazine Cool Company Awards 2014
> TOP100 ‘COOLEST COMPANIES’ in Australia’​
– Australian Anthill Magazine Cool Company Awards 2015
> WINNER: 2015 Platinum Australian Customer Service Award
> Lifetime Partner: ‘Businesses for Good’​ (B1G1)
> B1G1 Certified Giver
> WINNER: Rotary International ‘Pride of Work Award’​ 2014
> Voted TOP10 Most Trusted Small Business In Australia – ‘The Australian Trust Awards 2015’​

John Currie | Owner


Brisbane, QLD