Top Marketing Materials and Resources Every New Business Needs

Setting up a new business takes a great deal of organisation and planning. You need to set up your business structure and take care of finding premises for your operation, but you also need to ensure that your marketing material and resources are lined up and ready to go.

While you might be all over the business set up and sorting out your business plan, you may be looking for some advice on the marketing material. To give your business a good head start when it comes to marketing, we’ve come up with this list of what we think are the top marketing materials and resources your new business needs.

An amazing Business Card

In today’s world of business and competitiveness, it is important to make an impact wherever you can. One of the first things a prospective client will see is your Business Card, so it makes sense to take your time and create a lasting memorable impact with your Business Card.

You might like to opt for something as simple as putting a splash of Spot UV into your Business Card, or being more daring and opt for a Frosted Clear Plastic Business Card. You could go for a clever printing idea using colours or textures to make your business stand out.

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Leave-behind Marketing Materials

When you’re going to meet with a prospective client, you need to sell yourself, sure, but you also need to show them some materials that will let them see for themselves what you do.

If your business or service is a visual product, make sure you have a nicely printed catalogue or brochure of your services that you can leave behind.

Or if you provide a service that relies on figures or online performance, show your prospective client what you can achieve through an elegantly presented case study with some key testimonials.

The bottom line is that no matter what you get printed; it reflects your business so you need to make sure that the product you create is entirely professional and high quality.

Presentation Folders

Putting together a compendium of information for your clients, or providing them with a report? Make sure you have an elegant and tasteful Presentation Folder to present this information to them.

A custom printed Presentation Folder lets you put loose sheets of paper alongside stapled information and lets you combine information about a new product or service with your reporting. It’s never a bad thing to upsell yourself, and a well-printed and designed Presentation Folder gives you the perfect opportunity to present your business in the most professional manner.


Communication with clients and prospective clients always needs to be professional, and one of the first bits of marketing material that you need to generate is your Letterhead.

A well designed and professional letterhead means that you can provide a consistent format for client letters. Alongside this – but not a printed product – are your email signatures. You will need to get a formatted template for your email signatures set up, so your employees and team are consistent.

A strong and consistent brand message is a great way to provide a united front to your customers and users.

A key part of your marketing effort comes down to getting all of your material lined up and ready to go as your business launches. And then of course, you need to focus on gathering clients and retaining them through providing an exceptional service.

Once you have established your business it is also important to spend some time working on your online and digital marketing through things like SEO and Google Ad campaigns.

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